This distinctive light van, economical to run and service, has a capacity of 200 cu. ft. (5.663 cu. m.) and embodies all those superb qualities for which Commer is renowned the world over. click image



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INDUSTRIES large and small, tradesmen of every description, have all acclaimed the sturdy and attractive Commer forward-control ton light van. Here is a vehicle with a carrying capacity of 200 cu.ft. (5.663 cu.m.)-or 210 cu.ft. (5.947 cu.m.), using space alongside driver's seat - built to a quality specification and available with either a four-cylinder petrol engine of increased power or a fully-proved diesel unit. Of durable all-steel construction with a re-styled scuttle and available with either hinged or sliding doors, it embodies all the qualities of Commer craftsmanship, and with it comes a wide and versatile derivative range of factory-built goods and passenger vehicles, including, among others, Light Bus, Ambulance, Caravan and Pick-up models. Competitively priced, and incorporating those essential features which have made the name Commer synonymous with reliability and economy the world over, this distinctive model embodies wide side and rear doors, deep panoramic one-piece windscreen, well-placed controls and conveniently grouped instruments. Seats are available for three persons in the driving compartment; the centre seat being easily removable, thus permitting quick access to the engine for servicing. Positive steering affords easy manoeuvrability in confined spaces and congested streets, while the provision of independant suspension with telescopic hydraulic dampers at the front and extra long leaf strings with lever-type hydraulic dampers at the rear, ensure all-round stability and an extremely comfortable ride. Other features which enhance the model are silent four-speed synchromesh gearbox, semi-floating hypoid bevel rear axle, and powerful hydraulic brakes providing extremely efficient braking over long periods of usage.

The passenger-carrying models include an extra hinged door with retractable step on the nearside, three wide windows either side, extremely weel-upholstered seating for maximum travel enjoyment, and a simple adjustable ventilation system.

Fully proved in service, this strikingly successful range of vehicles, available in many attractive colour schemes, is one which enjoys well-deserved popularity with transport operators in many fields.

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