The creation of the world and the elves war against the gods in Northern Mythology.

By Adrian Rumney.

      The Northern myths have previously been presented as a series of tales with a beginning and an end, but little connecting them in between. Although the myths were all originally separate songs and stories, when all the remaining fragments are collected together – German and Danish as well as Icelandic – a long forgotten myth cycle that has been somewhat obscured in the surviving accounts reveals itself.

      Odin's quest for knowledge, Thor's battles against the giants and Loki's scheming are the main features in the Icelandic Edda's but the other major theme that emerges from the wider corpus of Northern Mythology is the rebellion of the elves against the gods.

      This occurs because Loki the trickster god connives to make the elves compete against each other to create treasures for the prosperity of the world, paradoxically the creation of the treasures leads to the alienation of the elves and the result is a dislocation in nature and an all out war between all the divine powers.